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Matrix for the Future
The Small Print Exhibition 2022.

December 2022 - January 2023.

The Small Print exhibition and the Little Seal award represent another way to creatively encourage and professionally affirm contemporary graphic production. This year too, there is a large concentration of manuscripts from various poetic strongholds - 170 authors - 310 works; along with the bards of our contemporary scene who maintain the tension of this exhibition, new author appearances certainly renew its vitality.
With its concept, this event confirms that artistic practice and life pace can be on the same side, where terms like imaginative, witty, stimulating, positive, fun, un/expected, are touching moments of joy.
Positioned on the calendar during the winter holidays, the Small Print exhibition fosters the attitude that an original work of art enters every home and as an appropriate gift animates, delights, educates and nurtures a new audience; from the 50s of the 20th century until today, various editions of this exhibition have been produced, confirming the democratic potential of this art medium of Benjamin's aura. Over time, the Small Print exhibition became, along with the May graphics exhibition, a part of the cultural identity of the Graphic Collective, presenting the real scope of contemporary graphic production and an opportunity for its critical evaluation.
This year's exhibition entitled Matrix for the Future points to the program concept of the new multifunctional gallery space, the new Home of the Graphic Collective, which since June of this year continues to affirm the contemporary visual scene and its participants.

Catalog of the Small Print exhibition 2022.

The Jury for the Small Seal Award (founded in 1991, the equivalent of the Large Seal of the Graphic Collective) - Alan Bećiri, graphic artist, Marija Radoš, art historian and Jovana Đorđević, graphic artist - unanimously awarded Slobodan Radojković’s print "Aarhus " (2022, algraphy).

Slobodan Radojković, Aarhus, Small Seal Award 2022.

Photos of the opening of the exhibition:



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