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Boro Rudić



2 - 25. April 2018.

On Monday, March 19th at 7pm is opened exhibition of photographies of author Boro Rudić.

...Rudić's territory is connected with vectors of abandonment, hence the book's title is "Exit". But that is not the abandonment of territory, but rather an entry into a new territory. That's why his photographs are replete with signs, emissions of signals, rail-tracks, roads, steps, streets, entries, fences, as they are all signals intended for seekers. The main objective of these signals is to be aux aguets, to be on the watch, as they require a good eye. Rudić's camera does not capture in panic, but instead he captures wrinkles of landscapes, lines of rocks, as a revelation of a new spacial syntax. Photographs from "Exit" do not portray the culture, but certain spectral dimension of reality, like Van Gogh's yellow sky or yellow fields, or like Munch's hay. This does not mean that Rudić is traipsing into other art form, i.e. painting. He remains in photography, yet is simultaneously out if it with one foot, striding into painting.... Jasna Koteska (Text excerpted from the book introduction of "Exit")

Boro Rudić is macedonian author. He graduated from Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Skopje. He works in medium of photography since he was a student. He is interested in artistic and advertising photography and photo-design. He cooperates with all bigger advertising companies in Skopje. He got a lot of international awards for photography. Rudić realized over 20 solo exhibitions. He lives and works in Skopje.

Opening of the exhibition



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