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Haruhiko Yoshinaga

29 August - 10 September, 2016

On Monday, August 29 at 7pm an exhibition of Haruhiko Yoshinaga was open.

About my work, It looks a seemingly feeble impression. But it has an important meaning in terms of representing the transience of the memory of places and moments. I like moist air, or the air slightly charged with smell of the season and weather, I should say.
My works depict landscapes seen through the depth of such air. I have been receiving inspiration from everyday scenes and objects that attract my attention. Yet, my interest often turns toward how these objects appear in the attention, consequently relating them to forms rooted in my experiences and memories. Although the resulting forms are transformed into something I never expected, they are closer to what I felt on site them accurate renditions of the objects.
After the earthquake, we became to know the fear of the big wave, also to know of the fragility and weakness of the substance. But at the same time, that forced us to begin to feel strongly the power of remind the sign of the place had. There are same or common meaning in the many way between my production and that things.

Haruhiko Yoshinaga (1980. Tokyo, Japan) finished B.A. in Painting and M.A. in Printmaking at Musashino Art University in Tokyo. He has exhibited his works in solo and group exhibitions (Japan, Finland, Portugal and India) and participated in international art workshops. He has recieved a few international awards for printmaking. His works are found in collections in Japan and Portugal. He has been teaching at Wako University in Tokyo.

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