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The Role of Photography in 1970s Printmaking and Graphic Design in Slovenia and Serbia

28. November - 16. December 2022.

On Monday, November 28, at 7 p.m., in the Graphic Collective Gallery is opened the exhibition "Photo/Print: The Role of Photography in 1970s Printmaking and Graphic Design in Slovenia and Serbia", which thematizes historical phenomena typical of this segment of fine and applied arts.

In the late 1960s, photographic inserts began to appear in Slovenian printmaking and graphic design alongside established pictorial elements. The use of parts or whole photographs soon became a popular form of expression that can be traced into the 1970s and beyond. The Photo/Print project aims to shed light on the phenomenon of the photographic image and photographic thinking in graphic art and graphic design.

The exhibition presents artists who have used the technical possibilities of screen printing and photocopying and those who have achieved artistic excellence with classical printmaking techniques. The aim of this project is to cross the often artificially-drawn line between graphic art and design and to loosen the boundary between "mainstream" art and alternative production.

Almost four decades separate us from the first twenty years of collaboration between photography and printmaking, which was novelty at the time, and today is a common part of creative concepts in digital arts. Certainly, the logic of creative systems and the change of discourse manifested in the radical forms of new figuration, pop-art and new/hyper realism were encouraged by photography, which was increasingly visible in the dialogue with the fine arts of that era.

The Photo/Print exhibition premiered at the International Graphic Arts Center (MGLC) in Ljubljana from April to June 2022. In cooperation with the Graphic Collective Gallery, the exhibition will be shown in November and December 2022, in a partially modified form, in Belgrade.

The exhibition is accompanied by a monograph. In the texts and interviews with artists, authors from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia deal with the phenomenon of photography in graphics and graphic design in the wider regional context of the former Yugoslavia.

Production: International Graphic Arts Center (MGLC), Ljubljana
Curators of the exhibition: Gregor Dražil, Lucija Šutej and Ljiljana Ćinkul

Photos of the opening of the exhibition:



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