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Marija Sibinović
Reflections of the City II

24. October - 12. November 2022.

Marija Sibinović's exhibition "Reflections of the City II" is open until November 12th in the Graphic Collective Gallery, Dragoslav Jovanovića 11.

Marija Sibinović explores in her work the idea of space, its physical dimensions, as well as space as a socio-anthropological category in the conditions of contemporary urban identity. The problematization of psychological mechanisms of perception through optical layering and multidimensionality is realized by the author through the synergy of different artistic procedures, traditional as well as contemporary. The exhibition is a continuation of the research created within doctorate project "Reflections of the city - Principles of graphics in the function of visualizing urban space", which deals with the phenomena of transparency and reflexivity in the contexts of architecture and art. These phenomena within the author's concept and the exhibition itself, which in a dialogic form adapts to the conditions of the exhibition space, are emphasized by the use of transparent materials in the process of graphic printing, the realization of modular graphic installations and live stream video footage of the exhibition space. Marija Sibinović's work with a focus on graphics in the multimedia creative field was presented in 2021 as part of the online international symposium "Graphics at/behind the edge" on the website of the Graphic Collective.

Marija Sibinović (1989. Belgrade) graduated in 2012 and finished her master's studies in 2013 at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, in the class of prof. Mirjane Tomašević, graphic and book module. She received her doctorate degree at the University of Arts in Belgrade, majoring in multimedia art on the topic "Reflections of the city - Principles of graphics in the function of visualizing urban space", mentor dr. Vladimir Milanović. She participated in about 50 collective exhibitions, in Serbia and abroad; held eight solo exhibitions. From 2016 to 2021, she was engaged in teaching at the Faculty of Applied Arts.

Photos from the opening of the exhibition:



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