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Nevenka Stojsavljević
Matter Light Shadow

26. September – 22. October 2022.

The retrospective exhibition of Nevenka Stojsavljević "Matter Light Shadow" is open until October 22nd in the Graphic Collective Gallery, Dragoslav Jovanovića 11.

The and artistic activity and contribution of Nevenka Stojsavljević on the contemporary visual scene for almost five decades is confirmed by numerous exhibitions, critical reviews, relevant awards and a notable position in gallery and museum collections. Since the debut exhibition at the Graphic Collective in 1979, the process of creative changes in the artist's work has flowed logically, gradually changing in the natural exploration of artistic means, varying themes, as well as concentrating on conceptual and visual entities, keeping sensitivity for structure and liberated graphicism as the basic the premise of sensibility. The fruitful creative tensions in the creative life of Nevenka Stojsavljević did not subside over time, only the focus of research shifted from the figurative-associative plan to the associative-abstract plan so that today, guided by the ideals of existential essence and preservation of integrity, she creates a sophisticated form of geometrized art space. The art work of Nevenka Stojsavljević, which is dominated by graphics and works on paper, can be seen as an open creative concept that strives to sublimate the poetic ethereality of space and the rational "mathematical" harmony of the constructive scheme.

Nevenka Stojsavljević (1953, Velika Popina) graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 1977, and received her master's degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1980. She worked as a professor at the School of Design and at the College of Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade. She organized 32 solo exhibitions and participated in over 300 group exhibitions in the country and abroad. She is the winner of several awards, the most important of which are the Great Seal of the Graphic Collective in 1993, the Golden Pin at the II International Dry Point Biennale in 1995, the Golden Pin at the ULUS Spring Exhibition in 1996. Her works are in the collections of the Belgrade National Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Cepter Museum...

Photos from the opening of the exhibition:



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