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The Club of Print Art Patrons, 1954 - 1968

ARTA- the Club of Print Art Patrons is the organization which has been active as a part of the group of artists of Graficki kolektiv with the idea of popularizing the art of print.

The affirmation of print art through editions and catalog sales within the international ARTA organization, has been founded under the patronage of the Graficki kolektiv in 1954 and has been managed until 1968. ARTA gathered print art patrons, devotees and those who wished to use limited funds while acquiring the art works of Yugoslavian and international printers.

From the History of ARTA

As a result of many years of involvement and activity of a group of print artists from the Graficki kolektiv, which, in collaboration with the same organization from Zurich, initiated, for the first time in our country, the publishing of the print art and its catalog sales, as well as developing a noble idea - organizing the exhibitions of the prints published by ARTA. The selection of Yugoslavian authors' prints which were printed in 200 numbered copies was made by the Club's Council. The high circulation has provided popular prices for a wider circle of art devotees, members of the ARTA.

Professional rules of the organization included that artists should give the first numbered print to the Club without any royalties. Also, Club members had to pay a member fee, and they were required to purchase two prints per year. Soon, artists from another six countries - Italy, Austria, Germany, Colombia, Israel and Spain, and in New York Igas, embraced the same idea. All Member States collaborated through the ARTA in Zurich, Switzerland.

Sales through the Catalog

By the set-up standards the catalog contained reproductions of all selected prints with the basic information about the author, the work and the price list. The prints were ordered through the catalog, by phone, on the same conditions agreed upon by all Member States of the ARTA, meaning a print was to be exchanged for a print. Thus, the members of the ARTA had acquired collections international artists' prints under the same conditions as the prints of Yugoslavian artists.


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