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The publishing activity of the Graficki Kolektiv consists of publishing catalogues, print artists' small monographs, almanac the “Circle“, print maps, single prints, prints in small format.



The Small Monographs of the Great Seal of the Graficki Kolektiv Award recipients are being published in the Library the Print Artists of the Belgrade's Circle.

"Graficki Kolektiv Gallery would like with the Library of the Small Monographs to present the broader artistic volume of the winning artists, publishing a selection and the study of their art work, biography and bibliography, exhibiting activities as well as the index of the prints with information about technique, dimensions and editions. Thus the Library of the Small Prints will regularly present the most significant achievements in the field of the print art of the Belgrade Circle, eventually including the most distinguished artists working in this medium."

Bogdan Kršić, 1968
A dramatic narration about graphics and humanism, texts chosen and concepted by Dragoslav Đorđević

Marko Krsmanović, 1968
Text by Dragoslav Đorđević

Branko Miljuš, 1968
Text by Miodrag B. Protić

Halil Tikveša, 1972
Text by Stojan Ćelić

Danica Masniković, 1982
Text by Bogdan Bogdanović

Boško Karanović, 1983
Text by Zoran Pavlović

Bora Iljovski
not published on artist' own request

Stojan Ćelić, 1985
Text by Ljiljana Ćinkul

Slobodan Pejović, 1985
Selected texts by: Stojan Ćelić (1977), Lazar Trifunović (1961), Đorđe Popović (1957), Miodrag Rogić (1982)

Vladimir Veličković, 1987
Text by Irina Subotić

In the complex of happenings in culture in the decades after the Second World War, Grafički Kolektiv has expanded its activities towards the affirmation of print through actions which will become an important and unavoidable indicator of what is happening in this field.



The publication that has been published since 1964 and in which the expert texts in the field of print as a media are published. In that way the lack of expert literature in this field is at least partly alleviated.

Founded at the time when there were no similar professional institutions, galleries and museums, Grafički Kolektiv has, even after they have been founded, kept its position of an important place for the promotion of contemporary art. The chronicles of Grafički Kolektiv have been growing into a reduced history of contemporary art. Grafički Kolektiv had its origins in the enthusiasm, vision and responsibility of the artists themselves. That is, by all means, an important reason for Grafički Kolektiv’s staying within the main current of art and contemporary cultural processes. Grafički Kolektiv is a prototype of artistic gathering and activities.

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