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The exhibiting activities of the Graficki Kolektiv are represented by the exhibitions at the Graficki Kolektiv Gallery and in other cities in Serbia and Montenegro and abroad. Traditional exhibitions: May Exhibition of the Print, the exhibitions of the award winners of the “Great seal”, exhibition of the small print form, Gryphon - biennial exhibition of the graphic design, author’ exhibition by the critics, solo exhibitions, exhibitions of the debuting print artists, thematic exhibitions, and exhibitions in other visual arts media.

In addition to Graficki Kolektiv Gallery primary role in presenting the print art, in the exhibiting policy of the Graficki Kolektiv Gallery there is a space left for other disciplines of the fine arts - drawing, sculpture, photography, design, extended media, etc.

Graficki Kolektiv has, in its programs, paid particular attention to young artists and their promotion within the contemporary arts scene. Graficki Kolektiv has, in the same way, as an independent institution, maintained contacts with current art movements and international artists and it could be said that it was among the first from this region, to open roads of individual contacts with international galleries and exhibitors. This is best illustrated by the exhibitions of Hiroshiga, Sharaku…contemporary Polish, Spanish, Belgian, Swedish print…

In addition to exhibitions that Graficki Kolektiv organizes in its own gallery, it also organizes exhibitions in other galleries in the country and abroad. One of the monumental exhibitions, a project which Graficki Kolektiv has realized, was Visible-Invisible, the great exhibition of contemporary Yugoslav art, Thessaloniki, the Cultural Capital of Europe, 1997.

Graphic Collective Gallery, Dragoslava Jovanovića 11, Belgrade, Weekdays 12 - 20h, Saturdays 12 - 17h, Sundays closed
tel: +381.11.3285.923; tel/fax: +381.11.2627.785