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The Exhibitions of DRAWINGS

Since the very founding of the Graphic Collective, the idea behind its program has been to initiate the affirmation of all visual art disciplines — traditional as well as new, experimental, creative practices — through solo and group exhibitions. Special attention was paid to the presentation of drawings - the original, point-blank, and fundamental form of artistic creation, which could be regarded as a pioneering attempt to support, critically evaluate and promote the artists' motto "no day without a line" in an institutionalized context. Amongst other strong, creative individuals with distinguished poetics, the following artists, whose body of work have been historized as key phenomena of modernism, staged solo shows of their drawings - Bogoljub Boba Jovanović 1953, Sreten Stojanović (Figurines, drawings, portraits, watercolors) 1953, Aleksandar Tomašević 1954, Milo Milunović 1955, Velizar Vasa Mihić 1956, Dušan Džamonja (sculptures and drawings) 1957, Marko Krsmanović 1957, Uroš Tošković 1960, Kosta Bogdanović (sculptures and drawings) 1964.

Continual Graphic Collective activities of the first decades, the group exhibitions dedicated to drawing, also gained an acclaimed and praiseworthy position, as is documented in art reviews of that time. On the occasion of the first show "Drawings" held in 1959, in his review published by Politika (February 7, 1959), Pavle Vasić praises the joint performance by artists of diverse generations and poetic expressions and finds it admirable that well-known artists like Pedja Milosavljević, Marko Čelebonović, and Petar Lubarda, support the young members of the Graphic Collective. In the foreword of the exhibition publication in 1960, Milivoj Nikolajević, one of the exhibitors, points out the importance of the exhibition in the context of conferring proper dignity to drawing as an autonomous creative expression, which had been neglected because of "the hierarchial order among techniques, being loaded with prejudices, and partly due to a certain degree of superficiality, even carelessness." Nikolajević concludes that the exhibition acts "as an ignition to gain a place worthy of the expressive power of drawing." Twenty-eight exhibitors participated: Đorđe Andrejević-Kun, Radomir Damnjanović, Milica Stevanović, Aleksa Čelebonović, Zuko Džumhur, Zoran Petrović, and Šejka, as well as members of the Graphic Collective - Aleksandar Luković, Bogdan Kršić, Miodrag Rogić, Dragoslav Stojanović Sip, Mihailo Čumić, etc. In April 1966, sketches of ten artists were presented, and in his column, Pavle Vasić highlighted the specific concept of this exhibition and its unusual appearance among other drawing displays, as "most intimate endeavors and experiments, which, as a rule, artists keep hidden and rarely show to the public" (Politika, April 21, 1966); Boško Karanović, Marko Krsmanović, Dragan Lubarda, Miodrag Rogić, Svetozar Samurović, Mladen Srbinović, Ivan Tabaković, Stojan Ćelić, Božidar Džmerković, and Leonid Šejka exhibited their sketches. A decade later, the exhibitions of drawings resumed with a new stamp of time and poetic expression within the works of Branko Miljuš, Radomir Reljić, Halil Tikveša, Miodrag Nagorni, Stevan Knežević, Vladimir Veličković, Emir Dragulj, Radovan Kragulj, Velizar Krstić, Mile Grozdanić, Milan Blanuša, etc.

In his published statement "An Anthology of Contemporary Drawing" (Borba, December 1st, 1976), on the occasion of the drawings exhibition at the Graphic Collective, Zoran Markuš notes "how the nature of art alters with changes in painting schools or distinct perceptions, so does the drawing undergo a transformation", which confirms the exhibition "Drawings" in a chronological course over two decades, in a distinctive way, mapped the changes in aesthetic paradigms of the perception of drawing as an artistic phenomenon.
(translation: Maja Simić)


The Exhibition of Drawings, catalogue, 1960; The Exhibition of Sketches, invitation, 11.4.1966.



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