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From the very beginning of its activity, the Graphic Collective recognized new tendencies and current events in art. Thus, the exhibition of the artistic group EXAT-51 in the Graphic Collective Gallery was the most important event on the Belgrade art scene in the first half of the 1950s. It was the first to present ideas of abstract art in our country, a significant artistic and cultural event, professionally verified by a wealth of historiographical material.

EXAT-51 (... abbreviation of the full name Eksperimentalni atelier, with 51 as the year of the group's founding) was an artistic group made up of painters, architects, urban planners, graphic and industrial designers, set designers and art pedagogues, whose principle intention was to attain a "synthesis" of all these disciplines. Inspired by the spiritual and ideological legacy of Bauhaus and the Russian avant-garde, it presented its program intentions in the Manifesto proclaimed publically in Zagreb in December 1951.

Members of this group Vlado Kristl, Ivan Picelj, Božidar Rašica and Aleksandar Srnec developed, in the scarce post-war material circumstances and still intolerant ideological atmosphere, significant activities (...), among which the two exhibitions of the four members of the group in Zagreb and Belgrade at the very beginning of 1953 were specially important for the then social and cultural environment. The full dimension of the historical significance of all the manifestations of the EXAT-51 group, including the painting exhibition of its members in the Graphic Collective Gallery in the spring of 1953, can only be understood and valued in the then existing social and cultural context.

(source: text by Ješa Denegri; translation: Vanda Perović)




              Catalog and invitation for the exhibition of EXAT-51 Group,
              March 29 - April 5, 1953, Graphic Collective Gallery



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