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Through the Binoculars of the Graphic Collective - mapping history. Within the framework of an online project, we present artistic phenomena and events that marked the contemporary art scene in Serbia and the activity of the Graphic Collective. Since its founding, this House of Artists has been a cultural hub that brings together representatives of various fields of artistic activity, many of whom have achieved a paradigmatic role in their creative field.

Goranka Matić - Days of Sorrow and Pride

Goranka Matić (1949, Maribor, Slovenia) graduated in art history from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. She has had a prolific career since taking up photography professionally in 1980 and publishing in magazines Jukebox, Svijet, Start and others. She held a number of positions: was the photo-editor in the weekly Vreme and the daily newspaper Politika, worked in the Art Department of the Radio Television of Serbia and taught photojournalism at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade. Currently, she teaches the subjects of photojournalism and documentary photography as assistant professor at the Faculty of Media and Communications . She is a member of ULUPUDS; had exhibited at home and abroad; received the October Salon Award (1989), the Conquest of Freedom Award (2002) and the Politika Award ( 2004). She has published books Days of Sorrow and Pride and Ten Years Against.

During the 1980s, her work was especially important in the field of rock photography. Following and affirming the work of the New Wave, she collaborated and made record covers for the most famous rock bands of the region: Idols, Ekaterina Velika, Partybreakers, Disciplina kičme, Bajaga and many other musicians and bands. She is the author of many, also cult, photographs that documented the turbulent socio-political events on the streets of Belgrade from 9 March 1991 demonstrations to anti-war rallies, student protests and almost all demonstrations during the 1990s.

The exhibition of photographs from the cycle Days of Sorrow and Pride, held at the Graphic Collective Gallery in 1995, is an artistic and conceptual work that documents the atmosphere on the occasion of President Tito's death. By photographing Belgrade shop window displays from 5 to 8 May 1980, all with obligatory portraits of the late president, Goranka Matić showed all the absurdity of the socio-political idea of showing collective civic grief with dignity. Introduction of the funerary concept into shop window arrangements , (shoe shops, craft product shops, hairdresser's saloons, children's toys shops…) emphasized the perversion in the code of Beckett's distortion of meaning. Material showed at this exhibition was then published in the book of the same name. (translation: Vanda Perović)



Goranka Matić - Days of Sorrow and Pride, text by Branko Vučićević

Woman With a Camera (one might say, Mrs. Vertov) did not miss light-mindedly (unlike all the rest) those few days when, concurrently with the death (of Tito, of the Socialist project, of Yugoslavia) there occured a paradodoxical, resourection and the short-lived realization of the program of Left Front avant-gardes: ART OF THE MASSES!!! In these Arget-Proustian melancholic photographs we see the spontaneous, silent eruptin of the ready made art of a multitude of anonymous Belgrade Duchamps and Kabakovs, otherwise sakes clerks, sausagemakers, hairdressers... This May Salon of installations, composed of our shirts in their cellophane wrappers, always arranged around an icon and a few inches of mouning crepe, was hardly ever equalled by the „established artists“ in the years that followed. Therefore, this bundle of snapshots made by the sharp-sighted & sharp-witted Mrs. Vertov (alias Goranka Matic) is also a can of food fot thought. Help yourself!
(VREME knjige, Belgrade, 1995.)









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