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Leonid Šejka

Leonid Šejka ( 1932-1970,Belgrade) painter and art theorist with a degree in architecture is one of the iconic figures of our national culture. He started exhibiting in 1953 and continued to exhibit with the art group Mediala (1957) as one of its founders and most prominent members. Members of Mediala shared an endless love for art and an endless belief in its overall power. Šejka's artistic practices were versatile spanning from painting to drawing, sculpture, objects, assemblage, book illustration, set designs, action / happenings. He wrote articles on art theory and the book "Treatise on Painting", which was awarded the prestigious NOLIT Prize in 1965. Representing a creative model grounded in the discourse of the old masters (Leonardo, Van Eyck, Vermeer), he adopted the illusion of space created by the Renaissance perspective. His artwork was complex, the starting point was the experience of Surrealism and Dadaism, however by the 1960s he established his own individual artistic expression. He particularly focused on the role of objects in the structure of the painterly image. Rich symbolism and deep intellectuality marked Šejka's oeuvre, which can be divided into five basic topics: "Multiplication of Objects", "Junk Yards", "Warehouses", "Interiors" and "Still Lives".

He had two solo exhibitions in the Graphic Collective Gallery. The first was in September 1958 when he exhibited 17 works and the second on 31 October 1969. It was three-hour long exhibition of drawings and "trinkets" which, with its unusual gallery presentation and concept, attracted the attention of art critics and the general public. (translation Vanda Perović)


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    L.Šejka's exhibition, The Graphic Collective, 31.10.1969.


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                  L.Šejka, Collage-assemblage, 1969.       L.Šejka, The Warehouse, mixed media, 1968.



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