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Through the Binoculars of the Graphic Collective - mapping history. Within the framework of an online project, we present artistic phenomena and events that marked the contemporary art scene in Serbia and the activity of the Graphic Collective. Since its founding, this House of Artists has been a cultural hub that brings together representatives of various fields of artistic activity, many of whom have achieved a paradigmatic role in their creative field.

The Exibition of Small Graphics

The creation and transformation of Serbian graphics are based on artistic-educational programs and activism. One of those is The Exibition of Small Graphics, which was, for the first time, organized by the Founders of Graphic Collective, seven decades ago. Exibitions of small graphics forms during the New Year’s holidays alleviate the dominance of stereotypical kitsch versions of greeting cards on the market (cooks and chimney sweeps). The idea of the artists gathered around Graphic Collective was for the original work of art to enter every home and, as a suitable gift, animate, delight, educate and nurture a new audience. Namely, before the digital age, when postmen had their hands full handing out greeting-cards, artists sent their small graphics to friends and colleagues for the holiday. This became tradition, which has been profiled over time, and Graphic Collective has very carefully developed the system of nurturing a small graphic form. Initial enthusiasm and basic mission do not subside, and slogans from the past decades – Art that is worth more than it costs, For your house and those you love, Graphics in every home, Great art in a small format, Small graphics- great pleasure – are part of the exhibition atmosphere artistic graphics, a potential exclusive gift. Calendar-positioned during the holidays, The Exhibition of Small Graphics continuously nurtures the presentation of current graphic production of various aesthetic attitudes, recent works by bards of our art scene and young authorial phenomena that restore its vitality. In the whole event, visible are those aspects of culture that make the right measure of energy, joy and the realization of personal happiness in the act of donating art. A School of Small Graphics with a thousand small format graphics promoted in the Graphic Collective – original works of art, have become real gifts and have found their place in living and working spaces, in the collections of known and unknown friends of art.

The small graphic has acquired the charisma of an intimate form of communication between the artist and phenomenon from the broadest context from the point of view of a creative individual. The project takes place according to a competition and selection, a catalog is published, and in 1991, The Small Seal Award was established, a counterpart to The Large Seal Award. As a regular annual manifestation of Graphic Collective, The Exhibition of Small Graphics over time has become, along with the May Exhibition of Graphics, an important point / polygon for the presentation of real achievements of contemporary graphic production and opportunities for its critical consideration. The competition, exhibition and Small Seal Award are another way to creatively encourage and professionally promote contemporary graphic production. Part of the tradition of Graphic Collective, the Small Graphics project indicates an interactive relationship established between the authors, their art and the audience. Bearing in mind that the small graphic form is not a concession to any other factor than the small size, the response of the artists to this competition confirms the strong vitality that this exhibition has maintained over time. The testimonies of the audience and artists who perceive this exhibition and its decade-long dignity as a special link with art that is "thought through, that lasts", "as a journey through the world of ideas, because graphics today are almost everything, the letter symbol, letter, text, photography, model, architecture, poetry, music...”.

The program of exhibitions of small graphics has been held for the seventh decade. This year's exhibition entitled In Noah's Ark affirms the creative idea of artists who, with heroic determination and perseverance, act in defiance of the devastation of the Covid-19 virus / relaxing the perception of reality, a healthy and meaningful future.


1991. Milan Stašević, Rain
1992. Milenko Divjak, Cage
1993. Zoran Todović, Untitled
1994. Sue Melling, Doll/Mouse
1995. Slobodan Knežević, Untitled
1996. Aleksandar Rasulić, Untitled
1997. Aleksandra Rakonjac, Joy
1998. Zoran Dimovski, Octal
1999. Andrijana Radojčić, Close Encounter (Revelation)
2000. Katarina Zarić, Skywalker
2001. Velizar Krstić, Portrait 146W
2002. Ljiljana Stojanović, Spiral
2003. Žarko Smiljanić, As Far as the Eye Could Reach
2004. Aleksandar Mladenović, Bizzaro
2005. Ivana Švabić Cannon, Dotty Red
2006. Dragan Momirov, Untitled
2007. Bogdan Kršić, Rigoletto
2008. Zoran Grmaš, Under the Covers II
2009. Branimir Karanović, Šarulja
2010. Jelena Jocić, Space # 4
2011. Vladimir Veljašević, Untitled
2012. Nebojša Radojev, In the Atelier IX
2013. Milica Žarković, Tango
2014. Lidija Antanasijević, Inventory
2015. Bojan Otašević, Coltrane
2016. Gordana Petrović, The Ashes of Thera I
2017. Gabrijela Bulatović, The Step
2018. Jasna Gulan, L-A-K 2910
2019. Zoran Banović, Echoes
2020. Olivera Basta, Trace

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The Exibition of Small Graphics abroad

Invitation for exhibition in Trois-Rivières, Canada, 2010.



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