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Radomir Stević Ras


Radomir Stević Ras (b. 1931,Toplica - d.1982, Belgrade) graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Department of Graphics in 1954, under Mihail S. Petrov. He had two solo exhibitions in the Graphic Collective Gallery in 1956 and 1960. The first one, that brought him popular and critical acclaim, showcased posters, woodcuts, title pages of books Power of Weapons, Sorrow and Warning, Kosmet and books covers for Poems by Jovan Dučić and Vercors' Silence of the Sea. At the second exhibition, he presented his new works: prints Fire and Feast and his famous Alphabet. Not wanting the Cyrillic alphabet to be inferior to the Latin one, he artistically designed the thirty Cyrillic letters and used them to print bibliophilic editions of books such as Words of Love by Božidar Timotijević. He founded the Ras Endowment in 1961, in which, relying on the national tradition, he printed special editions of books - Beginning of the Rebellion against the Dahije by Filip Višnjić, Letter to Haralampije by Dositej Obradović and Vera Pavlodoljska by Matija Bećković. He founded the Theatre of National Drama that exclusively presented plays written by playwrights from our country, and the muse of that project was the actress and his life companion Eva Ras.

Natalija Stokanović
(translation: Vanda Perović)

                        Weapon power, poster                     Vera Pavladoljska, bibliophilic edition
                        (Borba, 25.1.1956.)                           (from Ras' alphabet, 1974.)

                                        W. Saroyan, Five Ripe Pears, book cover
                                        (from Ras' alphabet, 1974.)

              R.S.Ras & M.Ćirić,                     Love & Fashion,       Circus Adria, international
              I international exhibition             poster, 1960.             program, poster
              of photography, poster, 1952.

    III international technology fair, poster, 1959.           H.Sienkiewicz, With Fire and Sword, book cover
                                                                                      (Nolit, 1960.)



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