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Vasilije Popović Cico

Vasilije Popović Cico, the opening of the exhibition, Gallery Graphic Collective, December 2012; camera and editing: A. Zlatanović

Vasilije Popović Cico (1914-1962) was an extremely prolific and versatile artist who left a significant mark on many areas of visual culture and art (caricature, stage design, illustration and graphic design). Popović was a Montenegrin born in Shkodra, educated in Belgrade, and worked in Skopje. He studied at the Art School in Belgrade (later the Academy of Arts) under professors, today anthological painters in Serbia, Beta Vukanović, Ivan Radović, Ljubo Ivanović ... V. Popović Cico’s early works were in the genre of caricature art, and it is the quality and quantity of these works that marked him in literature as a social chronicler of his time. In addition, designing sets for the National Theater in Skopje has a significant place in his oeuvre. In the context of today's culture, when graphic design is a primary factor in visual culture, Popović's work with exhibitions and a monograph published in 2012, is read, sublimated and contextualized within the fine arts of the second half of the 20th century. Among other things, he is the author of the first Alphabet Books in the Macedonian language, as well as the first coat of arms of the Republic of Macedonia and the city of Skopje and that had a significant impact on the formation of the visual identity of the state. Popović's production in the field of graphic design is huge, as he also did book design as well as illustrations for books on various topics - from popular novels and socially engaged literature to textbooks. He used the aesthetic experiences of realism, cubism, pop art and /or constructivism for the realization of his works. Popović's creative oeuvre is characterized by an exceptional gift for drawing, an extraordinary psychological approach and emotional intelligence noticeable in the physiognomies of the depicted characters (especially in caricature) and the conceptual solutions of the compositions (in graphic design, illustrations, stage design).

Exhibitions dedicated to the work of Vasilije Popović Cico were organized in 2012 in the Graphic Collective Gallery and the House of the Serbian Army Gallery. They were accompanied by the promotion of the monograph, an edition in Serbian, Macedonian and English. The authorial texts in the monograph were written by art historians from Skopje and Belgrade - V. Veličkovski, J. Lužina, Lj. Dabić and Lj. Ćinkul. According to Gordana Popović Vasić, art historian, editor of this publication, author of the concept and artist's daughter, the aim of this project "was not for Vasilije Popović Cico to occupy a position that does not belong to him, but not to lose the one he deserves". (translation: Vanda Perović)

                                  Catalog, 2012.                           Monograph, 2012.

      Ivo Andrić, 1956.                               Evica Popović, 1940.                 Branko Karakaš, 1960.

Photos of the opening of the exhibition, Gallery Graphic Collective, December 2012







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