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Wislava Szymborska (1923. Kórnik - 2012. Kraków)


The timing of Wislava Szymborska’s exhibition in the Graphic Collective Gallery coincided with the announcement that she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1996. The poet's collages were specially interesting both as exhibition material and as a discourse point that connects her fluid poetic essence with seductive visual structures created by combinations of cut outs from the press, drawings, words ... A literary evening in honor of Szymborska was hosted as part of the exhibition with a talk by Biserka Rajčić and a reading of her poetry by the actress Olga Savić. The collages were from the collection of Petar Vujičić and Biserka Rajčić.

Szymborska was known for corresponding with her friends by cut-and-paste postcards/collages that she used to make. She is also known for her collection of mostly kitsch postcards. She discovered her affinity for collecting kitsch inspired postcards as a child ... Like surrealistic collages, Szymborska’s are mostly made from cut-outs from the press, arranged into certain wholes ... primarily by the method of random associations, with the aim to surprise, astonish, shock, delight. Her postcards/collages, as well as in her poetry, express irony, or an ironic attitude towards the world and man. Also humor. Also skeptical laughter. The topic is always daily life made unusual.
From Biserka Rajčić's essay "Szymborska or the Joy of Writing"

(translation: Vanda Perović)


        Invitation for the exhibition of collages of Wislava Szymborska in The Graphic Collective,
        December 1996.



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