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Anka Burić

Since 1983, when she had her first solo exhibition in Belgrade, Anka Burić has been creating a space for herself on the art scene, acting with conviction and intent. Her works are created in an artistic process understood, first of all, as an intuitive act in which a balance between an almost childlike honesty and the maturity of an individual aware of life processes is achieved. In addition to printmaking – an important for her oeuvre, reacting to current artistic events, the artist applies a similar array of creative problems to other media – painting and drawing on large-format canvases, installation, and performance.
The creative process of Anka Burić combines reduced minimalist scenes and media, and is marked by a spontaneity and refined recording of poetic/expressive states. The anthropomorphic forms reduced to a legible sign from the early cycles have almost disappeared over time, the need to describe has been abolished, and she turns her attention to elementary, unaltered writing, looking for the character of things in their deformations and within the inner being. Lines and contrasts of black and white directly transfer the weight of intuitive perception into a graphic sign. Sensing the right application of materials, she realizes one of the basic principles of her artistic credo in the drypoint technique – direct presence in the work of art; in this technique she achieves the unity of the visual idea, and the condensed energy is emitted in an ascetic composition.


Catalogs of Anka Burić's exhibitions at the Graphic Collective in 1983 and 1991.


A. Burić, Triumphal Gate, 1985, drypoint, 57x76 cm, Great Seal Award 1985;
A. Burić, Fear of Standing II, 1988, drypoint, 56x76 cm


A. Burić, From the Life of the Crowd cycle, 1983, drypoint, 64x47.5 cm;
A. Burić, Life of the Crowd, 1983, intaglio, 50x71 cm

Her works can be seen as a form of diary entries, chronicles of situations and phenomena, with messages being transmitted in codes, because there is no longer any need or time for complex compositions or a multitude of data. In that system, a labyrinth or a spiral, a cross or a vertical bear the visual symbolism of the archetypal. She spontaneously reduced the artistic motif, focusing on its essence. Thus, instead of a human figure and a story about man's fate, only outstretched hands remained, or rather their traces - visual symbols of our steadfastness, the need for dialogue, closeness; times of enlightenment or despair come later.
Paul Klee’s quote, “Art stands above things, above the real as well as above the imaginary. It creates an unconscious game out of objects.”, could sum up Anka Burić's poetic code, starting from her solo exhibition in 1983.
She exhibited her prints in the Graphic Collective then in 1983, followed by the series Gallery of Portraits or The Life of the Crowd in 1991, and in 2009 the multimedia project Wine and Time, monotypes and video works. In the first series of prints, the drypoint technique served as a medium that emanates energy for the ideal of a new faith in existence and its meaning, very needed in the human part of the world.
Among the first significant awards in Anka Burić's artistic journey is the Great Seal of the Graphic Collective in 1985 for her print Triumphal Gate, which the jury praised: "With very few plastic means, in the classic technique of drypoint, forms-symbols built a special poetic circle which, one might say owes a lot to spontaneous-intuitive starting points, which, with the help of built-up graphic culture and appropriate graphic expression, offer the observer more possible poetic interpretations.”

Translation: Dunja Karanović


A. Burić, Untitled, 1993, drypoint, 65.5x50 cm;
A. Burić, Sun 3, 2006, drawing - wine and charcoal, 50x70cm;
Photo from the opening of the exhibition "Wine and Time", the Graphic Collective Gallery , 2009 (exhibition opened by Kosta Bogdanović)

Anka Burić (1956. Nikšić) graduated in graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, in the class of professor Dževad Hozo, in 1981. At the Academy of "Výtvarných Umění", in Prague, she specialized in the class of professor Ladislav Čepelak (1982-1983). She completed her master's studies in 1983 at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, in the class of professor Branko Miljuš. She studied in Paris, at the Cité Internationale des Arts, in 1984. Anka Burić worked as professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje, at the Department of Graphics. She has participated in over 250 collective exhibitions in the country and abroad. She had 40 independent exhibitions of graphics, paintings and drawings - Nikšić, Podgorica, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Novi Sad, Herceg Novi, Sarajevo, Čačak, Apatin, Budva, Tivat, Seoul, Paris, New York, Cetinje... She is the winner of 27 awards for graphics and drawing - selection: "Grand Diploma" for graphics at II INTERBITEP in Tuzla, 1982, 2004; "Big Seal" of the Graphic Collective, Belgrade, 1985, First Prize "Golden Press" at the III International Triennial of Graphics in Cairo, 2000, Thirteenth of July Prize of Montenegro, 2001, Prize of the 39th Hercegnov Winter Salon 2006, Prize for Creativity Braća Karić 2007, Prize for the drawing of the Austen gallery in Skopje in 2012. Her works are in the collections of museums and galleries in the country and abroad - the National Library in Paris, the Library of Alexandria...



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