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Milorad Janković Doca

Milorad Janković Doca is one of the prominent representatives of the Belgrade Printmaking Circle, whose work is of great importance for the historical-critical insights into domestic art production in the second half of the 20th century. He combined his roles of artist and teacher by actually creating his prints in the classes of the Belgrade Academy of Fine Arts while practically demonstrating the art of printmaking. As one of the pillars of the Graphics Department - host, associate, professor and friend - Janković had a direct influence on generations of students who attended this Academy. The synergy of different worlds and roles, his activity both as an artist and pedagogue had an impact on his sensitivity and his not so frequent presence on the art scene. He had two solo exhibitions (Ljubljana, London), while his first solo exhibition in Belgrade and Serbia was posthumously organized in the Graphic Collective Gallery , authorial concept by Ljiljana Ćinkul, in 2001.
Poetically positioned on the "border of figurative and abstract expression" (Lj. Slijepčević), Janković is recognized as a passionate explorer of the subtle tactile values of this medium and for emphasized graphism. Typical for the very process of Janković's work is his nonrestrictive attitude towards the matrix while examining and simultaneously sovereignly controlling the expression of the material.


Milorad Janković Doca (1927 – 2000. Resnik, Belgrade), graduated printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1959. He spent his entire career at The Academy of Fine Arts; since 1959 he held different positions; notably in 1977 he became The Assistant professor and since 1989 he is The Associate Professor. He became member of The Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS) in 1959, the same year he started exhibiting. In 1964. Janković spent two months on specialization in Paris. He participated in great project of revitalization and printing of The Corpus of Serbian prints of the 18th and 19th centuries edited by Matica srpska from Novi Sad, the project lead by Dr Dinko Davidov. Beside the printmaking, Janković was also engaged in the fields of photography and typography. Solo exhibitions: 1964. Mestna galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia (with B. Kršić and M. Nagorni); 1983. Yugoslav cultural centre, London (with R. Lazarević). Awards: 1962. Award for printmaking, the October Salon, Belgrade; 1972. The Golden Needle of ULUS, Belgrade. He participated in numerous group exhibitions in Serbia/Yugoslavia and abroad (Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Rimini, Prague, Krakow, Munich, Athens, New York...)




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