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Rada Selaković

Certain issues dealing with creativity, that have marked the work of Rada Selaković for more than three decades, have been actualized by a clear definition of certain aesthetic theses and the intensity of their impact in the light of postmodern pluralism. This thoroughly established visual art system based on the postulates of classical education, examination of the relationship between matter-color-shape-space-frame has been marked by creative transformations of clearly defined aesthetic theses ranging from the figuration of the 1980s, geometric abstraction of the 1990s to multimedia works of different visual and media projections in the new millennium.



Rada Selaković; Boško Karanović, Ljiljana Ćinkul, Rada Selaković, Zoran Vuković, 1994.
Invitation for the exhibition of Rada Selaković in the Graphic Collective Gallery, April 1983.

The cornerstones of Rada Selaković's creativity are drawing, collage, printmaking, paintings (three-dimensional and /or moving installations), experimental film and multimedia pieces together with a solid visual and intellectual concept in which the metaphorical layer of the work has its different spatial structures. Her concentration on form as a projection of internal states evolved from distinctive imagery with a dose of irony, via an object-visual metaphor to an emphasis on the mystical-surreal and transcendental. Varying a figure in such a manner, zooming a detail or a chosen plastic motif, Rada Selaković ‘s starting point was the object, however in order to express a more complex aspect in her next creative period she chose a more visible concrete-abstract relation. She boldly opened new thematic and problematic circles. In her last projects, she was researching her cosmographic program suggesting corporeality, energy, enigmaticness, and space — a certain phenomena of life emanating from the soil / skin. Another characteristic that marked Rada Selaković ‘s artistic periods was the use of gold, which she used to depict the divine and the heavenly, but also the demonic and chthonic in her early figurative painting or later geometric abstract one.


Catalogue of the exhibition of Rada Selaković in the Graphic Collective Gallery, April 1983.;
Catalogue of the exhibition of Rada Selaković in the Graphic Collective Gallery, April 1994.

Rada Selaković, as a prominent member of the Graphic Collective, had two solo exhibitions in the Graphic Collective Gallery. She exhibited drawings from her figurative period with Stevan Kneževic’s text in April 1983, and showcased square canvases painted with acrylic paints in the geometric abstraction style in April 1994. Her participation in the May Exhibitions of Prints is significant as she was awarded the Big Seal for the color woodcut Earth I and Earth II (diptych) in 2004.
The unanimous decision of the jury: Lj. Slijepčević art historian, Lj. Stojanović printmaker and M. Mlađović printmaker - was: “At first glance, she achieves harmonized plastic and thematic unity in her work using simple printmaking means. The energy of a certain artistic phrase is emitted by repeating concentric and concentrated flows. A line of golden light creates movement on the surfaces of the diptych that emanates the idea of endless movement in a musical rhythm. The artist’s commitment to a certain ideal is projected within the solid framework of the abstract discourse. Rada Selaković’s recognizable individual characteristics stand out once again as a creative constant - strong creative will, swiftness and persuasiveness of the offered plastic transformations."
Rada Selaković’s role on the contemporary art scene marked by intense creative continuity, constant production and promotion is extremely significant. In that context, numbers can also be indicative - over 30 solo exhibitions and over 350 group exhibitions in the country and abroad, and relevant awards complete this exceptional artistic oeuvre.

Translation into English: Vanda Perović


Rada Selaković, Reproduction, 1993/1994, oil and acrylic on canvas, 90x110 cm
Rada Selaković, Golden Egg, 1992, acrylic on canvas, 90x90 cm
Rada Selaković, Vibration, 1992, acrylic on canvas, 90x90 cm


Rada Selaković, Sound, 1992, acrylic on canvas, 90x90 cm
Rada Selaković, Crucifixion, 1992, acrylic on canvas, 90x90 cm
Rada Selaković, Earth I, II, 2004, woodcut, diptych 75x28 / 2 cm, Grand Seal Award 2004.

Rada Selaković (Belgrade, 1952-2008) She graduated in 1976 from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, class of prof. Radenko Mišević, where she received her master's degree in 1978, in the painting department. Scholar of the Greek government for specialization in Greece 1980/81. and the Fulbright Program for U.S. Studies 1985/86. (Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, MFA Program, NYU, NYC, NY, D.A. Program). Since 1980, she has exhibited independently (Belgrade, Athens, New York, Paris, Norden) and at collective exhibitions in the country and abroad (Piran, Cetinje, Munich, Ankara, Belgrade, New York, Zagreb, Tuzla, Ljubljana ...). Awards / selection: Petar Lubarda for painting, Belgrade, 1978; October Salon Award for Painting, Belgrade, Golden Prize of the Yugoslav Portrait, Tuzla, 1983; First prize of the jury of the Denizli International Art Competition, Ankara, 1987; Honorary Jury Prize L’Aigle de Nice-International Grand Prix of Fine Arts, Nice, 1991; ULUS Golden Palette, Belgrade, 1995; Award at the Autumn Exhibition of ULUS, Belgrade; Award of the Ministry of Culture and Media at the 10th Biennial In the Light of Milena, Požarevac, 2005; Work in public space: Kosmorama, wall mosaic-fountain, central hall of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Belgrade, 1991. She was engaged in painting, drawing, graphics and extended media.



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