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Through the exhibition of small print form, a long-lasting wish of the founders of Grafički kolektiv, for prints to be present in every home, has come true.


The Small Print Form Exhibition is a regular annual manifestation of Grafički Kolektiv, whose main aim is popularizing graphic art by selling prints out of editions at affordable prices; the prices are suggested by the Art Council. The organization of the exhibition is directed by the Art Council of Grafički Kolektiv.
All works are judged by a jury, except for the works of invited authors. The works that are submitted at the open competition have not previously been exhibited; every author can submit up to five prints. The choice of printing techniques is free and a numerated edition can contain up to 100 prints. The format of paper: the longer edge is to be up to 20cm long. While the exhibition at Grafički Kolektiv lasts, the works cannot be exhibited/sold at other exhibitions in Belgrade.

At the opening of the exhibition, the “Small Seal“ award of Grafički Kolektiv is given. The awarded printmaker gets a diploma and part of his/her print edition is bought by Grafički Kolektiv. The members of the jury for awarding the Small Seal Award are chosen by the organizer every year, out of distinguished artists and art critics. The purchase award can also be given by other organization with the consent of the Art Council.

Grafički Kolektiv issues a catalogue which every participant gets for free. The works for the exhibition are submitted in person or by mail (at the author’s expense).

From this exhibition, one print is taken out for the collection of Grafički Kolektiv.

In 1991, the Small Seal of Grafički Kolektiv award was established.



1991. Milan Stašević, Rain
1992. Milenko Divjak, Cage
1993. Zoran Todović, Untitled
1994. Sue Melling, Doll/Mouse
1995. Slobodan Knežević, Untitled
1996. Aleksandar Rasulić, Untitled
1997. Aleksandra Rakonjac, Joy
1998. Zoran Dimovski, Octal
1999. Andrijana Radojčić, Close Encounter (Revelation)
2000. Katarina Zarić, Skywalker
2001. Velizar Krstić, Portrait 146W
2002. Ljiljana Stojanović, Spiral
2003. Žarko Smiljanić, As Far as the Eye Could Reach
2004. Aleksandar Mladenović, Bizzaro
2005. Ivana Švabić Cannon, Dotty Red
2006. Dragan Momirov, Untitled
2007. Bogdan Kršić, Rigoletto
2008. Zoran Grmaš, Under the Covers II
2009. Branimir Karanović, Šarulja
2010. Jelena Jocić, Space # 4
2011. Vladimir Veljašević, Untitled
2012. Nebojša Radojev, In the Atelier IX
2013. Milica Žarković, Tango
2014. Lidija Antanasijević, Inventory
2015. Bojan Otašević, Coltrane
2016. Gordana Petrović, Pepeo Tire I

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