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Graficki Kolektiv Gallery
Identity card - Statement

About Graficki Kolektiv Gallery
Since it was founded in 1949, Graficki Kolektiv (GK) with its gallery, has been and still is, one of the leading art centers in the former Yugoslavia region, as well as in the world art centers. The progress made in the medium of the print art during the second part of the 20th century, could be observed through the history of the GK Gallery within the national and also international parameters. By promoting, primarily, the print art and diversities within the graphic arts medium, GK acts as a mediator in a critical reception of this important phenomenon in the Visual Arts.

Professional reputation of GK Gallery is based on a diverse program, high criteria, tradition and enthusiasm. The GK Gallery mainly specializes on exhibiting print art and work on paper, but has always been open to new art phenomena, movements, experiments.

The Founders of Graficki Kolektiv Gallery
The founders of GK are well known and professionally respected artists from the first generation of printmakers from Belgrade Academy of Fine Arts: Bosko Karanovic Mirjana Mihac, Dragoslav Stojanovic Sip, Dragoljub Kazic and Mile Petrovic.

GK Gallery has an intensive activity, with more than 20 exhibitions a year, exhibiting works of both national and international artist (England, Japan, Poland, Canada, Sweden; Dali, Chagall, Vasarely, Motherwell, Erro, Fuchs, Anderle, Brunovsky, Lawrence W, Toshio Joshizumi, Kalaj…). The first Happening in Belgrade, during the 60s, took place in this gallery. GK Gallery's collection has over 4000 prints; catalogues are being published, as well as print maps and monographs.


  1. The Great Seal Award (since 1963, each May) first national recognition for contribution in the field of the print art
  2. The Small Seal Award (since 1991, each December), for the small format print
  3. Gryphon (since 1996), award for the best graphic design in association with the Quadra Graphics

Graphic Collective Gallery, Dragoslava Jovanovića 11, Belgrade, Weekdays 12 - 20h, Saturdays 12 - 17h, Sundays closed
tel: +381.11.3285.923; tel/fax: +381.11.2627.785