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Gordana Petrović

Sails of hope

19 - 31. March 2018.

On Monday, March 19th at 7pm is opened exhibition of prints of artist Gordana Petrović.

She works in different print techniques: dry point, linocut and color lithography. At this exhibition we can recognize associative compositions and abstract reflections of different motives as boats, sails and coastlines. Artistic expression of Gordana Petrović varies from contrasts of black and white, accentuated gestuality, sharp lines, to the color print, soft line rhythms in horizontal projections. Trips, as much as study of music and ethnology has strong influence on forming of Gordana Petrović’s work. Titles of works: Big wave, Wave of Fear, Wave of tears, In the deep, help us to understand this specific work and artistic personality.

Gordana Petrović (1959. Batajnica) 1985. Graduated from Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. Since 1985 she exhibits on solo and collective exhibitions, in Serbia and abroad. She got many prestigious awards in the printmaking. She works as a professor at Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade.

Opening of the exhibition



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