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Tomislav Peternek

Ode to Life


July 14 - August 2, 2014

On Monday, July 14th an exhibition of photographs by Tomislav Peternek entitled "An Ode to Life" was open.

A poem about divine vessel of life

It is always the right time to do the right thing.
Martin Luther King

... If the concise definition, perhaps even a word for the entire work of mister Peternek was to be found, inevitably one of the most beautiful, the most comprehensive, frequently said, a little less frequently applied, word over words – Love imposes. Exactly that essence shines out of all of his frames. He measurelessly respects his object of interest (love); approaches it with great attention (love), gives himself to it in every segment with inexpressible passion (again – love), for a long time, precisely and with care, he performs it (love realisation), and forever loves it (!!!). This is how, as a great doer, he even exceeds the wise thought: „There is so little love among people. Who knows how to love, should not do anything else“ (Dušan Radović)

This small, just one of the numerous segments from the work of Tomislav Peternek is dedicated to female nude, next to no one as a visualizer, admirer, expert, professional voyeur and certainly a fan couldn’t just indifferently pass by. Because this is a jewel, about which many sang and just talked idle talk, which was painted, sculpted, dressed in music and much more... from the Primeval times until today. And always, every generation – form the start, because it is inspiring, it sets in motion heroic effort, it is a miracle of God which knows how to make people become great men, but also complete fools. Woman, indeed, by far the most precious and most beautiful God’s creation, but also the most moody, mysterious, inconceivable; coquettish and promiscuous, mother and parent, lover and good wife; but in rage she can also shake empires, leave everything, forget, throw it all away and can go to search for something only she had dreamed of. Big secret, as the poet said, and every engagement into riddle-solving seems so useless as much as precious work; while on the other hand, over the abyss of uncertainty – floats a deep (and precise) thought: „If you think that you can read a woman... you are not aware of how illiterate you are“ (Anonymous)

„A man can see clearly only with his heart, because what is essential – is invisible to the eye“ is a transparent statement of a virtous and great writer of Le Petit Prince Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900-1944). With this succint idea almost entire work of Tomislav Peternek can be framed, and certainly its part dedicated to nude photography. This before you is the result of observation of an adult man and an artist, who in a woman searches for and recognites mysterious depths, hidden strenght and abundance of beauty, understandable only to the great men, and the greatest above all – Creator and Master of the Universe. They see even the things we, the ordinary people fail to, they engage into analysis, they collect what they have seen and experienced, then synthesize and present; but never expose the essence, usually they just point the way, which others could follow, but they never insist it has to be their own. Their reasons as well as the secret of their success are hidden in the epic discretion towards what they have discovered, learned and understood. This segment of creation of Peternek also emits that strenght and the amount of energy, beauty and emotions, and it will only after this overall presentation become an object of deep forethought, analysis and bringing to life an abundance of philosophies of the virtous critics, theoreticians, art historians and many others fiendly disposed to this kind of beauty and kindness. Their works will be multiplied and the awarness that we have an unusual guest among us who has honored us with his presence and work in general will slowly rise, simply – that we have among us – one, in every way – great man. Today and for the years to come, his work of epic proportions stands covered with for of invisibility and ignorance. But, in order, as one by one segment for us still unknown becomes revealed, like this one, we pray to God – that eventually – we will be able to see the magnificent painting of work of Tomislav Peternek. Because, as usually in the case – the great is hidden in the small and vice versa; small snowflakes will eventually cover the numerous mountains, many rain drops will give birth to the seas, and the great works will slowly pile up to the infinite and timeless spirit of continuity of beauty, goodnessm contemplation and of all sorts of wisdom of the better part of mankind. Or, simply put, coming from someone who has been blessed with beauty and purity of mind: „Grains of sand create mountains, moments make years and little things – whole life“ (Jean-Baptiste Moliere)

For us and now, this work presents sublimation of beliefs of Tomislav Peternek. Travelling to the Essence, discreetly, almost with awe he observes, spots, analyses and at the right moment, under the right light and that particular humidity – he shoots and records (forever) „the“ moment and sends it to Eternity. As a true expert of characteristics and limitations of his tools, without any fear and any banality whatsoever, he brings back a woman to her long time ago earned, but slightly neglected throne, in these times of superficiality, light entertainment and vas variety of nonsesne. And it even almost felt like that the Master of All Worlds himself sent him to us to remind, pointm warn. To the great master, as always, we still wish what you wish to your own flesh and blood, many and healthy years, curiosity in front of eterlan beauties and secrets of the world and great creative anxiety, so that he could still bring us joy with his remarkable results...

And, at the end – blessed are those who have an opportunity to see themselves in master pieces which have been composed, sculpted, painted by... the great magus, my friend and brother Tomislav Peternek.

in Belgrade
on Easter Tuesday
2014 year of our Lord

Dušan Milovanović
translation: Nataša Smuđa


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