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Zoran Milutinović


October 2nd - 14th, 2017

On Monday, October 2nd at 7 pm is opened the exhibition of Zoran Milutinović, doctor of medical sciences and photographer.

Keeping and developing humanistic ideals through his dedication to medical profession, doctor Milutinović is interested in visual arts from his early youth (he was prepearing for studies of architecture), and since 2006. he has became devoted to photography. The author is interested in different thematic fields and technical possibilities of this media – landscape, documentary, experimental and infrared photography. In the domain of black and white photography, Milutinović maps different shapes of linearity in the nature ambient and with minimal interventions (mirror symmetry, effects of relief at applied rectangular fields) he creates compositions in which recognizable motives of architecture, floral and animal world are executed with artistic qualities.

„I use every opportunity to take photos, it doesan’t matter in which way, it is visual observation that is important, and the most important thing is to see a good shot. Carska bara, Tara and other natural habitats of different plants and animals, are very inspiring for me. That is the way how I’m making my photo-safari collections in which are dominant natural environments, birds, animals, landscapes, but also shots which record life in the countryside and atmosphere of the city. I am familiar with documentary photography, and situation with migrants is a part of that concept … my motives are in a range from fantastic birds to the dangerous bears, from shots of vedutas of the cities to the macro-photographies of insects. I am fascinated with the nature. When journalist Memedović was talking about my wife Violeta and me in his TV Show, he mentioned that those of us connected with nature are really lucky people … It all depends on the subject. My later interventions are minimal, I want to save authenticity of the nature, not document but artistic value of the shot.” (from the interview with the author, made by Ljiljana Ćinkul)

Zoran Milutinović (1951. Belgrade)otorhinolaryngologist, doctor of medical sciences, proffesor at Medical Faculty in Belgrade. He is a member of Photo association of Serbia, with title candidate-master of photography, and the most successful author of the Association in a period from 2009. to the 2012. He is the only one in the Serbia with the title EFIAP/p (Excellency – Platinum of International Federation of Photographic Associations) and GPSA (gold of Photographic Association of America). He had 21 solo exhibitions, and he participated in over 350 collective exhibitions of photographies in Serbia and abroad. He got over 280 awards and Praises. He is co-author and editor of one photomonography.

Opening of the exhibition



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