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Jefimija Kocić
Magna Mater - Chapter 21st


July 10th - 29th, 2017

On Monday, July 10th is opened the exhibition - Magna Mater - Chapter 21st - by author Jefimija Kocić.

Focused on the role and status of women in modern society, young graphic designer creates a set of posters which express personal and universal perception of female sex, its gender and social determination. By using Aurasma app, these interactive posters become animated audio/visual messages. Posters achieve its creative potentials in dependence of individual comprehension, attitude or even prejudice of each viewer. With a dose of wit and humor, Jefimija Kocić deals with social stereotypes and, using the connection of common phrases and recognizable objects from everyday life as a kind of visual triggers, she encourages viewers (self)reflection. She uses the language of reduced signs and symbols in simple compositon dominated by the brightnes of white color. Jefimija Kocić belongs to the generation of visual artists who brings the new view on the art of posters, with its unusual format, its vigorous social activism and/or its artistic position of self-sufficiency as a fertile field of creative freedom.

Jefimija Kocić(1992) got Bachelor and Master degree of applied arts from Faculty of Arts in Niš, where she is working as assistant. She is attending PHD at Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade and Master studies of digital arts at Metropolitan University in Belgrade. She had three solo exhibitions and participated in a number of group exhibitions and festivals in Serbia and abroad. Jefimija Kocić won several prizes and awards for work in field of graphic design. She also published a poetry book called „Relations“.

Opening of the exhibition



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