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Leonija Milisavljević


On Thursday, April 13th at 7pm was open the exhibition of prints by artist Leonija Milisavljević.

Prints of this young artist represent unique visual and symbolic form which is part of her master project. Simply colored and shaped elements reminiscent оf prehistoric cave drawings, evoke the feeling of primordial and archetypal. Iconography of these artworks includes figures of various deities, hunters and animals – Venus of Willendorf, figures from Lepenski Vir archeological site (Serbia)...

Leonija is particularly inspired with representations of mother goddess and the idea of matriarchy, and with the importance which such figures had in the domain of religion, myth and everyday life. Artistic expression of Leonija’s prints also contains a dose of lucidity and wit, which is suggested by the titles (Sewer, Preaching, Troupe, The Wheel of Fortune...)

In most of her prints recognizable features of ancient cultural heritage are merged with fabric-like motifs of ornamental outline. Combining traditional graphic art with the technique of embroidery, Leonija creates plausible tactile-visual forms.

Leonija Milisavljević (1992), gradauted from Art Academy in Novi Sad, Serbia. She had two solo exhibitions (2015. Belgrade, Novi Sad) and she participated in more than twenty group exhibitions.

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