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May Exhibition of Printmaking

3 - 24. May 2018.

On Thursday, May 3rd at 7pm is opened traditional May Exhibition of Printmaking.

May exhibition of Printmaking is one of the oldest and one of the most relevant annual exhibition which exists continuously for almost seven decades and also recognizable on local and regional art scene. This exhibition affirms printmaking and follows metamorphoses and inovations in this medium. May exhibition is always opportunity to present different generations of artists and heterogeneous artistic and technical tendencies. Beside laureates of Great seal, there are presented works of young authors. This year, selection of 116 artist reveals pluralism of artistic expressions and a lot of different poetics and conceptions.

Jury for The Great Seal Award: Ljiljana Slijepčević, art historian and also president of the Jury, Biljana Vuković, graphic artist and Alan Bećiri, graphic artist, decided to honor artist Bojan Otašević for his work Slave - Mercy (2018, algraphy).

Jury’s statement: Bojan Otašević, painter and printmaker, is almost two decades present on contemporary art scene. He has strong author’s attitude, and his convincing expression is recoznizable and appreciated among artists and art critic. Otašević uses close-up; his compositions are reduced and usually focused on one figure. In portraits, which are dominant genre in his works, he is interested in psychological states of Man which are articulated with expressive gesture. He creates visual typology of wide range of emotions which reflect inner experiences and anxiety of contemporaneity. Awarded work „Slave-Mercy“ is specific study devoted to Man, characterized by strong gestuality, intensity of color and dramatic colored contrasts. Otašević strives to delete medium borders between painting and print. Author successfully uses all potentials of litography and algraphy.

Bojan Otašević (Kragujevac, 1973) Graduated (1998), postgraduated (2001) and got phd (2014) from Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Department of Printmaking. He works as a professor at Faculty of Art and Philology in Kragujevac.

Opening of the exhibition



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