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The Codes of Time - Small Print Exhibition 2018.

17. December 2018 - 12. January 2019.

On Monday, December 17th, the exhibition of Small Prints 2018 was opened, this is an annual, traditional exhibition, which has been organized for seven decades by Grafički kolektiv. This year, the exhibition was held at Remont Gallery. Our colleagues from Remont were kind enough to give us their space so that we would not have to make a break in our exhibition activities, while we are looking for a new space for our gallery.

As a part of the tradition of Grafički kolektiv, the project of the exhibition of Small prints points out the interaction between authors, their art and audience. The response from artists for this exhibition shows how vital this exhibition is and how important it is for the local art scene. The exhibition of Small prints continues to nurture the presentation of current graphics production and different, innovative aesthetic attitudes. Artists who participate in this year’s exhibition belong to different generations with disparate art poetics and languages of expression, which covers the art production of our entire scene, from its newcomers and fresh faces to the well known and already established artists.

This exhibition is also an introduction to our jubilee program, the celebration of seventy years of Grafički kolektiv in 2019. Seven decades of work on affirmation and critical deliberation about graphic art and other forms of media. Many authors-exhibitors and audience, have been actively involved in the creation of vivid art dialogue which has been nurtured in Grafički kolektiv during the past seven decades.

The Small Seal award was established in 1991., and the winner for 2018. is Jasna Gulan with her linocut L-A-K 2910. In this year’s jury, there were: Vladimir Milanović (graphic artist), Tia Knežević (art historian), and Gabrijela Bulatović (graphic artist).

Jury's statement: Jasna’s work was prominent among the others due to its specific poetic and technical approach to the media of graphic. The author is questioning the possibilities of traditional linocut technique by using not so typical graphic material in the process of printing. Unpretentious, in the spirit of geometrical reduction of form and with clear, purged expression, the work of Jasna Gulan represents a sophisticated visual entity with emphasized personal attitude.

Jasna Gulan (1976. Novi Sad) is currently on Phd studies on the Academy of Art in Novi Sad and works as a painter-conservator at the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments in Petrovaradin.

Opening of the exhibition



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