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Momčilo Momа Antonović

Praise to Anonymous II - drawings

The exhibition of drawings called Praise to Anonymous II, by painter Momčilo Moma Antonović, was open on Monday, October 10th at 7pm.

A half of century present on Serbian art scene, Moma Antonović had his previous exhibition in Grafički kolektiv Gallery in 1981, when he displayed a set of 100 erotic drawings.
In his opulent work, Momа Antonović is focused on expressionist figuration and search for inner self of Human Being.
In age which approves identity of every person by its visibility in the world of internet and social media, it seems almost impossible not to be exposed to other peoples observation, to be outsider and anonymous.
Artist made a praise to exactly such persons who passed him by in every day life.
Although these works are about anonymous persons, through them artist speaks indirectly about all of us, about time and space we are living in.
These portraits, with its expressionistical colors and emphasized black lines which shape figures, partly grotesque-like, reveal artist dedication not only to esthetical, but also to psychological features of portrayed persons.
Momčilo Momo Antonović ((1938. Kruševac) graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, where he became professor and dean. He also worked as guest professor at School of Fine Arts in Budapest and Art College in Edinburgh. Since 1958. he had more than 100 solo exhibitions and took part in numerous group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. He won many prominent awards and laudations.

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