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Aleksandar Palavestra
Herbarium of Curiosities

notes, drawings and comments (2001-2017)

June 19th - July 8th, 2017

On Monday, June 19th at 7 pm is opened the exhibition -Herbarium of Curiosities- by visual artist and archaeologist Aleksandar Palavestra.

The author discovers the opulence of the worlds of Flora and Fauna, and tells us about his own impressions of great wonders in small worlds (A. Palavestra), about associative and imaginative potentials of nature, and possibilities of artist to perceive the well-known and common places and phenomena in new and different way. Drawings, notes and comments, are presented separately, or rather collaged and grouped in such manner that one form emerges from another. As a professor, Palavestra attends a lot of boards, committees and councils where he developed a habit to strengthen his attention by creating drawings, whose expression often reflects the atmosphere of meeting.

Drawings are rich in details, and demonstrate the use of elegant lines and vital colours. In some works artist uses unusual techniques, for example he sometimes applies the subtle hues of coffee pigments.

Inspired by so-called Cabinets of curiosities, Palavestra came up with the symbolical title of exhibition by combining two words which reveil new possibilities of seeing and reading the exhibited material. Herbarium is botanical collection, while curiosity refers to rarity, singularity and unusualness, thus we can perceive that this exhibition has an element of inquisitiveness of an archeologist who seeks to probe the reality and led by collectible momentum he creates corpus of rare, unusual, hybrid, imaginative and surreal examples of plants and animals.

Aleksandar Palavestra(1956. Belgrade) graduated from Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, where he also obtained master degree and PHD in1991. at Department of Archeology. He works in fields of theory and history of archeology, prehistoric archeology, heraldry and illustration. Palavestra is the author of illustrations for covers of numerous books and magazines. He works as professor at Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

Opening of the exhibition

Authors of photographies: Branimir Karanović, Srđa Mirković.



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