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Slavica Dragosavac


new graphic forms

2 - 4. July 2018.

On Monday, July 2nd at 7pm is opened the exhibition of artist Slavica Dragosavac titled “Multioriginal”. The exhibition is part of artist’s PhD project accomplished at Faculty of Appliead Arts in Belgrade, under mentorship of professor Gordana Petrović.

Present on the contemporary art scene for a long time, Slavica Dragosavac affirmed herself in the fields of graphic design and printmaking. As author she is recognizable by her inventive approach and experiments concerning the matter of artistic form, technology and printing process, as well as the nature of media itself. Presented works are made in technique of photo-mechanic printing process on offset plates, where 15 equal sized plates placed together make one large composition of an imaginary landscape. On imaginary photography of nature artist intervenes with simple drawings, almost silhouettes of lost persons, objects, places, homes and motherlands. Inserted charts refer to quest for lost identities, in belief that act of questing gives hope that every individual, member of minority and sensitive social group is “persona grata”.

Slavica Dragosavac (1963. Banja Luka), graduated from Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. She got the scholarship from the Government of Republic of Italy. She accomplished numerous projects in fields of printmaking, graphic design, market communications; she had many solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. Slavica Dragosavac worked as creative director in agencies Ogilvy and Draft FCB in Belgrade and recieved many awards for graphic design and marketing. She is member of national artistic associations ULUS and ULUPUDS and works as professor at Faculty of Arts in Niš.

Opening of the exhibition



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