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Tatjana Janković Nedelkov
About Fragile and Tactile

drawings and collages

August 28th - September 9th, 2017

On Monday, August 28th at 7 pm is opened the exhibition of painter Tatjana Janković Nedelkov

Works on paper, on first sight derived from the gestuality of automatism and impuls of unconscious and spontaneous, are part of thoughtful and carefully built artistic expression. Tatjana is treating drawing as an open media field, combining collage fragments and accents of colours with linear compositional structure, where line fused with painted forms creates delicate play of shining and fading. Abstracted in expression, Tatjana’s drawings and collages have associative potential: in circular, linear, loose and clear rhythms we can recognize a variety and dynamics of natural forms. In her works, tactile experience suggests complexity of meaning of drawing.

Tatjana Janković Nedelkov, graduated (1990) and got master degree (1996) from Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, where she has been teaching drawing and painting since 1998. She is member of Association of Visual Artists of Serbia. Since 1993. she had several solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions.

Opening of the exhibition



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