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Dear artists and friends,

On Friday, 2016 September 2nd, the text in newspaper Vecernje Novosti (title: "Twilight of a Gallery") announced the problem Grafički kolektiv is facing with at present.

"The spirit came out of the bottle" we can say.

What it is about?

The current situation is the result of the restitution process. More specifically, the premises - in which Grafički kolektiv has been since 1949. (the interior is the work of serbian architect Pedja Ristić) is returned to the owners / inheritors, to members of the family Ninčić – with the decision of Restitution Agency (July17th, 2015). Contract was signed between the owners (through lawyers) and Grafički kolektiv, that guaranteed the next three years (until July 18th, 2018) Grafički kolektiv can stay in the same premises.

This contract has ceased to be valid last summer when the owners sold the space to the company Phoenix Sweet house doo, from Zlatibor. For this alteration we learnt from e-mail letter that the new owners sent us, with the aim to extend the lease agreement.

This turnover of the situation we found ourselves in, we didn’t expect because - by the ethical principles - the inheritors should have first contacted us regarding the upcoming sale. Another remedy would be, in that situation, that the State of Serbia has pre-emptive rights.

Our next steps

As you all are part of the tradition of the Graficki kolektiv, and you all built the foundations of this institution - with your professional activities, enthusiasm and convictions- we expect and hope that our joint actions will help in achieving as much as it is possible in this difficult situation and circumstances.

Wish is that Grafički kolektiv stays in this space if that is possible at all. If this is not possible, the next step is to search for a new space in which we will continue our activities. In this context, support you artists and all friends of our house means a lot.

We'll be in touch and with joint efforts we will try to do what is the best for our Grafički kolektiv and to find a suitable solution to the whole situation.

Every support, legal or friendly advice aimed at preserving our professional integrity is more than welcome.

We, also, use this opportunity to thank you for all your generous support that we get every day and your sincere wishes to continue and stick to our battle.

Finally, we would like you to give us your permission to publish your letters of support on our website and FB page with the aim of greater communication transparency.


Branimir Karanović

president of Managing board of Grafički kolektiv

Grafički kolektiv , Kosančićev venac 19, Belgrade
tel: +381.11.3285.923; tel/fax: +381.11.2627.785
working hours 12-18, Closed on Saturday and Sunday